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Employment Services

Programs For People offers a repertoire of evaluative, pre-vocational, and placement services designed to teach skills needed to work in the private sector and to overcome behavioral and emotional barriers to employment. Ongoing support is integrated into all vocational services in order to promote successful rehabilitation. Employment programs incorporate various levels of stress and expectation to accommodate clients' differing degrees of readiness for managing work.

Services include:

  • vocational assessment
  • skills development
  • on-site simulated work experience (The Lunch Box)
  • assistance with educational, volunteer and employment plans (Employment Directions)
  • career-level services, including training seminars and placement (Project Advance)
  • individual and group vocational counseling
  • consultation and liaison with employers, family, and service providers

The Employment Services program offers a wide range of opportunities to help people prepare themselves emotionally for employment in the areas of assuming responsibilities, relating to an employer and/or supervisor, and getting along with co-workers. In addition, jobs are actually located and developed for clients of the program according to their own individual needs, and follow-up support is provided for up to two years, if necessary.

For those looking to move to higher levels of employment, there is also Project Advance.

A favorite part of the Employment Services program is "The Lunch Box," a nonprofit food service business in which clients are employed. Lunch Box workers prepare and deliver food "to go" for clients and staff within the agency. The Lunch Box was designed for clients who are not quite ready for job placement in the community, but who need a work experience along with extra support. Clients are proud of their jobs and a position of "Assistant Food Services Manager" has been created to provide clients with the opportunity to move up within The Lunch Box and assume more responsibility for the overall operation of the business.

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