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About Programs For People

Programs For People is an independent, self-supporting agency founded in 1973 to enable adults recovering from mental illness to achieve success in life. Its services are comprehensively designed to teach coping skills, promote symptom relief, build healthy relationships with family and friends, and to assist those served to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment.

Video: Disspelling the Stigma of Mental Illness

There is no other community-based agency like it in the MetroWest Area, because Programs For People serves clients who require more intensive psychiatric treatment (on a daily basis) than other area services can offer and employment services "all under one roof". Its day treatment program (Framingham Day Hospital) is used to prevent hospitalization, shorten hospital stays and develop the ability to make constructive changes in one's life.

Programs For People is deeply committed to helping people with mental illness to achieve the benefits associated with gainful employment, and offers a full range of employment services including Project Advance, an employment placement program for people who may not require day treatment or have previously utilized those services.

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